Changing your Control Panel Username, Mobile Number and other Contact Details

  1. Login to your Control Panel. See details

  2. Click the icon at the top right corner of the page and then click Your Account & Security.

  3. Modify the information here to suit your needs.

    The important fields are explained below:

    • Email: Provide your email address here.

      • We will verify a change to the email address by sending a code to the previous email address. You will have to provide this verification code to complete the change to the email address.

    • Personal Identification Number (PIN): Your PIN is a secret number that is used to verify your identity when you contact us.

    • Language Preference: Select the language in which you wish to see your interfaces, and receive emails from the system.

    • Mobile Number: Provide your mobile number here.

      • A notification will be displayed on the Dashboard within your Control Panel, in case you have:

        • not provided a mobile number,


        • provided an invalid mobile number.

        You can update the mobile number by clicking the Update number link in the notification panel.

      • It is very important that you mention a valid mobile number belonging to you since the system will send SMS alerts to this mobile number. Currently, SMS alerts are enabled for Brazilian, Canadian, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, UK and US Customers only.

  4. Click the Modify button to save the changes.